Oobagooma Sub-basin

Release Area W16-6, Oobagooma Sub-basin and Broome Platform, Offshore Canning Basin, Western Australia


Bids close 23 March 2017

  • Under-explored, shallow marine area with water depths of 100-200 m
  • Offshore extension of proven onshore Paleozoic oil and gas province, and potential Mesozoic petroleum systems
  • Evidence of local oil and gas generation and migration
  • Carboniferous, Permian, Triassic and Jurassic reservoir sandstones; potential Devonian clastic and carbonate reservoirs
  • Potential Middle Triassic and latest Triassic–earliest Jurassic regional seals
  • Potential stratigraphic pinchout traps against the Oobagooma High and the basin margin
  • Further guidance available, please refer to 2016 Special Notices

Release Area W16-6 covers approximately 47 000 km2 of the Canning Basin north of Broome, Western Australia (Figure 1). The Release Area overlies the offshore extension of the Fitzroy Trough and Broome Platform of the onshore Canning Basin which hosts several oil and gas discoveries.

To the north, the Oobagooma Sub-basin is bounded by the Barcoo Sub-basin and the Leveque Shelf of the Browse Basin, where gas has been encountered in several exploration wells, but no commercial discovery has been made (Figure 1)

Release Area W16-6 overlies the Oobagooma Sub-basin and Broome Platform and comprises 392 graticular blocks covering approximately 32 034 km2. Although the Release Area does not contain any wells, some geological control is provided by Lacepede 1, 1A and Wamac 1 which were drilled immediately to the east (Figure 1). Water depths range from less than 100 m over the inboard part of the Release Area to 200 m further outboard.


Figure 1

Structural elements of the offshore Canning Basin, showing petroleum fields, key wells, and the 2015 and 2016 Release Areas

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Figure 2

Stratigraphy and hydrocarbon shows in the Fitzroy Trough, Oobagooma Sub-basin and Broome Platform, based on the Canning Basin Biozonation and Stratigraphy Chart (Smith et al, 2013). Geologic Time Scale after Gradstein et al (2012)

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Figure 3

Selected Canning Basin play types: a. subsalt; b. suprasalt. These models may apply to some offshore parts of the basin (after Carlsen and Ghori, 2005)

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Figure 4

Seismic and well data in the vicinity of the Release Area in the offshore Canning Basin

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